Dacre Stoker

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Writing with J.D. Barker

The prequel to Dracula, penned by a Stoker descendant and a bestselling writer, Dracul is a supernatural historical thriller in which a young Bram Stoker must confront an indescribable evil.

It is 1868, and a 22-year-old Bram Stoker has locked himself inside a desolate tower to face off against a vile and ungodly beast, armed with mirrors and crucifixes and holy water and a gun, kept company by a bottle of plum brandy, praying to survive a single night, the longest of his life. Desperate to leave a record of what he has witnessed, Bram scribbles out the events that led him here–a childhood illness, a haunting nanny, stories once thought to be fables now proven true.

A riveting novel of Gothic suspense, Dracul reveals not only Dracula’s true origin, but Bram Stoker’s–and the tale of the enigmatic woman who connects them.

  • Film rights optioned by Paramount with Andy Muschetti (IT, Mama) attached to direct!
  • Named a Fall 2018 Buzz Book by Publisher’s Lunch!
  • Named one of Publisher’s Weekly Top 10 Books of Fall 2018!
  • Starred review at Library Journal
  • Named New and Noteworthy by New York Times
  • Named one of Library Journal’s Best Books of 2018
  • 3rd Place – GoodReads Choice Awards – Best Horror of 2018
  • UK’s # 1 Bestselling Hardcover Novel in Horror and Supernatural in 2018
  • Nominated by the Horror Writers Association for a Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a Novel


Praise for Dracul

“Reading DRACUL is like watching a classic vampire film. Bram Stoker lives! Dracula lives! HORROR lives on nearly every page. A terrifying read that gave me hours of fun.”
R.L. StineNY Times Bestselling Author of Goosebumps and Fear Street

“A compelling, deep, dark drama about Dracula’s origin. Even I had to keep the lights on when reading this book!”
John Saul, NY Times Bestselling Author

“A big book that will no doubt be a hit among monster-movie and horror lit fans—and for good reason.”

“An exhilarating fever dream of creeping dread and dark adventure. Reading Dracul is like stepping into a time machine and traveling back to a shadowy landscape ruled by nightmares. I devoured it in two sittings and was delighted and chilled with every turn of the page. You will be, too.”
Richard Chizmar, New York Times Bestselling co-author of Gwendy’s Button Box

“Brilliant. Dracul pumps fresh blood into the vampire genre by telling the story of the man who started it all — Bram Stoker. And what a story! A grand adventure that contains all the literary playfulness and mounting dread of the original Dracula. It gave me chills.”
Riley Sager, Bestselling Author of Final Girls and The Last Time I Lied

“A terrifying and compelling prequel that reveals how a young Bram Stoker confronted evil to craft a masterpiece.”
Library Journal

“Whatever fiendish bargain Stoker and Barker struck to resurrect the voice of Bram Stoker with such authenticity and aplomb, it was worth it, at least to their mere mortal readers. Dracul is a genius and fevered nightmare of Gothic madness, each page seeping with ominous dread and escalating horror. It is a prequel more than just worthy of the original novel— it is sure to be an undying classic of its own, haunting, terrifying and entertaining generations to come.”
Eric Rickstad, New York Times Bestselling author of What Remains of Her and Silent Girls

“Scary as hell. Gothic as decay. Dracul will have you checking over your shoulder, under your bed, and up on the ceiling, too. All while wondering about the contents of every crate and oblong box you see.”
Josh Malerman, Bestselling author of Bird Box

“Dracul is interesting because it sheds light on the original characters and author. Adding just the right touch of suspense increases the pace and ratchets up the tension, which appeals to the contemporary reader.”

“Dracul reveals not only Dracula’s “true” origin, but Bram Stoker’s as well. More than just a Dracula novel, it’s a great addition to the entire vampire genre.”
SF Reader

Readers Love Dracul

“The original novel by Bram Stoker is one of my favorite stories of all time. And to be honest, I enjoyed Dracul almost more than Dracula. The mood is dark, the writing is tight and the imagery is vivid. Dacre Stoker honors his Great Uncle with an excellent story that would make him proud.”

“Dracul could have been a cheap cash-in on the Dracula name and legacy, but it feels original, almost as if it were indeed written before Dracula was. I can see how some readers may find it a little overly long, but I enjoyed the writing enough to not feel that way at all.”

“It is not often that I would rank a title with five stars but I feel that Dracul definitely deserves it. A great entry in Dracula canon and a great title on its own, if you have any interest in Dracula, the occult, vampires, the Stoker family, or any combination, you will find it very hard to be disappointed with Dracul.”

“Let me preface that I am not a fan of vampires nor this genre but having said that I found this book compelling and spine tingling. I began to read the book out of a sense of obligation but that quickly changed… I can’t remember the last time I have had the pleasure to read a novel that I could not put down. I found myself finding every opportunity to find the time to read until I read every last word, and I still did not want the story to end.”

“This story, written as if Bram Stoker had taken pen in hand and written it himself. Or, perhaps he did! Vampires are known to live throughout many centuries, never aging, young forever, never dying!! And Bram Stoker did share blood with at least one vampire. Perhaps Dacre and Bram were one and the same!! This book was so hard to put down, several nights were spent reading until 4:00 or 5:00 am, and even then it took great control to turn away from it in an effort to accomplish a very few hours of sleep. One of the very best for readers aged 14 through adult.”