Dacre Stoker

International Bestselling Author, Presenter & Lecturer

Taste of Bram Stoker

Horrors Writers Association in Scarborough UK Dacre to lead Taste of Bram Stoker in Whitby 1890

Cruden Bay tour

Dacre to visit and tour Cruden Bay, Scotland April 2020

HWA Finalist

Dracul HWA Top 5 Finalist for Superior Achievement in a novel 2018 

1 Best Selling Horror Hardcover in the UK

Dracul #1 Best Selling Horror Hardcover in the UK in 2018.

Media tour

Dacre and J.D. Barker are headed to Dublin, Ireland to give a tour to French, Spanish and Irish media of sites associated with Bram Stoker’s life and also places where they set the drama in Dracul.


Dacre will be giving presentations in London October 20th to the 25th and in Edinburgh on the 26th and 27th. See all Dacre’s events.

Top 10

Dracul has been named by Publishers Weekly as one of the top 10 books for the Fall